What is tapioca?

A wonderful tuber
Tapioca, respectively tapioca starch, is an odorless and tasteless white vegetable starch. Gained out of dried manioc roots, tapioca starch can be used for making cakes and desserts as well as a vegan binder for sauces and tureens - just like common cereal starch.

In line with the trend
The manioc plant originally comes from South America where ancient illustrations of cultivation, harvest and preparation were found. For centuries, tapioca also has been an essential component in the daily nutrition of Asia and western Africa, making it one of the widest spread groceries in the world. Even in Germany, this powerful tuber finds more and more followers.

In everyday life
Tapioca is used in different forms and for different purposes, for example as a food ingredient in the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics industries. Whether in tinned food, pastries, dairy products, baby food, vitamin pills or candies - tapioca can be found in many products consumed in the daily life.

Why tapioca?

More than an alternative for allergy sufferers
The starch extracted from the manioc tuber is free of gluten and allergens. Furthermore, no genetic modifications take place during the production process.

New starch for the future
Besides its diversity and its tolerability, tapioca has the advantage of a resource-saving cultivation. Manioc is an unpretentious plant that evens grows in poor soil and can be harvested throughout the entire year. For this reason, it plays an important role in the discussion of renewable resources.

Ideal for further processing
Tapioca starch is especially suitable for further processing. Due to the fact that it doesn't change its colour after cooking, it can be excellently combined with food colouring. Native tapioca starch has a high degree of viscosity. Furthermore, different types of modified tapioca starch are offered by FHD (advantages: short texture, prevention of moisture loss in freeze-thaw cycles).

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